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Climate Education

need a blurb about the importance of climate education - impacts on health, environmental justice, etc.




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Climate, Water & Resilience (WET)


Climate Education Resources


Climate & Wildlife


Climate Change eeCourse


SFCC, Carbon & Climate E-Unit


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something about climate education in general


​We would like to thank Melinda Wilder and Vivian Bowles for their time and expertise on the creation of these units. Many thanks to Rae McEntyre with the Kentucky Department of Education for her diligent review and support of this process. Finally, we would like to recognize the following volunteers for serving on the NGSS Working Group responsible for designing these units: Joanna Ashford, Jennifer Beach, Billy Bennett, Grace Downey, Brittany Fisher, Jackie Gallimore, Sagan Goodpaster, Emily Hogue​, Annie Holt, Susan Lewis, Ashley Osborne, Karen Pratt, April Reefer, Henrietta Sheffel, and Danny Woolums.

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​At KAEE, we are all about making connections. If we don't provide what you need, then we'll connect you to someone who does.

Our Partners

KAEE is proud to partner with diverse organizations across the state of Kentucky in order to achieve our vision of an environmentally literate society committed to a sustainable future.  These partnerships and collaborations are essential to the success of our organization and the work we are doing.  We would like to give special recognition to our statewide partners who also assisted in the development of this site and these resources.


Support for this site was provided in part by a grant from the Pisces Foundation, which seeks ways to accelerate to a world where people and nature thrive together. Additional support was provided by a Nonpoint Source Pollution grant from the Kentucky Division of Water and funding from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 

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