Dual-Credit Opportunities

A new partnership between the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) gives students the opportunity to earn dual credit for a combination of courses in teaching environmental education. Not only that, but completing the courses puts a participant halfway through earning the Professional Learning Leader eeCredential and 25% of the way through completing EKU’s Certificate in Environmental Education!

This summer, you can enroll in EMS 563/763 at EKU and earn graduate or undergraduate credit by completing EE201 online and attending KAEE's EE Bootcamp. EE201, Foundations in Teaching Environmental Education, is offered asynchronously with coursework opening May 13. The EE Bootcamp is an in-person, two day workshop at EKU's Maywoods on August 1-2, which will also be open to professionals in the field of environmental education, formal educators, and more!


If you'd like to earn undergraduate or graduate credit, apply now to EKU. Once enrolled, register for EMS 563 / 673 - Teaching Environmental Education. 

​With questions about EKU EE Certification, contact Dr. Kelly Watson at kelly.watson@eku.edu.


If you are not interested in dual credit but want to participate in the eeCredentials program, click here for registration information. If you are interested in attending the EE Bootcamp, registration for the public opens in late May.

Questions? Contact brittany@kaee.org.