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KAEE Member Feature: Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

At KAEE, we have the opportunity to interact with a variety of members that all dedicate their time to promoting the environment and EE. Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, located in Clermont, Kentucky, is one of many members at KAEE who provide unique opportunities for the environmental education efforts of Kentucky. Bernheim provides a variety of in-person opportunities such as educational field trips and guided hikes. Through exploring Bernheim, you may end up interacting with the Edible Garden, a living and sustainable classroom that helps to connect people to gardening and ecology. The Edible Garden is just one of many environmental projects in Bernheim’s efforts.

Starting in the 1930s, Bernheim has conducted research projects in order to apply ecology to their management and ecological practices. Since then, they have fostered their environmental knowledge and research into the learning opportunities they provide both to students and educators. The research is not only used in informing the best practices in land protection and conservation for educators, but also in special efforts such as their recent Minecraft creation, “Wood and Pixels.” This interactive Minecraft world comes with an educational edition, which allows educators to engage and inspire students through exploring Bernheim with NPC guides and various learning materials throughout the game.

As part of their fall fundraising campaign, Bernheim is hosting a series of virtual conversations throughout November and early December via zoom called, “For the Planet, For You.” These presentations are aimed to highlight all that their team does for the planet, visitors, and the community. Anyone can register to learn about their Climate Action Committee and team members, including a Bluegrass Botanicals focused presentation by their current artist in residence, Gabriella Boros. Check out program calendar and/or register by clicking here!

Learn more about Bernheim’s extensive list of trees, plants, and wildlife or facts on horticulture and wildlife by clicking here.


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