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Upcoming professional development opportunities

This fall will be filled with learning opportunities for Kentucky's environmental educators! Today, we'll highlight two of our favorites: the fall term eeCredentials program and our 46th Annual KAEE Conference!

Fall Term eeCredentials Offerings

This fall, we're offering our biggest and best lineup yet of eeCourses, with TEN to choose from! Our popular eeCredentials program is designed to provide online, easy-to-access, and ongoing professional development opportunities for environmental educators. The eeCourses are the building blocks for earning eeCredentials and are intended to build key competencies in a particular subject or focus area. Each operates asynchronously and will require a total time commitment of 10-12 hours. eeCourses include a variety of tasks and assignments that are thoughtfully designed to engage participants in active learning experiences. They include videos, reflections, slideshows, PearDecks, JamBoards, virtual tours, mind maps, field assignments, and more!

To see the list of Fall 2022 eeCourses and to register, visit

46th Annual KAEE Conference Our conference this year will take place from Sept. 15-17 at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. Conference attendees will enjoy field trips showcasing Kentucky area traditions, culture, and attractions, networking and entertainment events, concurrent sessions, and much, much more! Registration is now open. Get all the details and claim your spot at


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