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Project Underground

The vision of Project Underground is that people will make wise, informed, choices as they manage cave, karst and groundwater resources to protect the underground ecosystems for the health of current and future generations. To accomplish this vision, Project Underground serves to build the necessary awareness and responsible attitudes towards cave, karst and groundwater resources and their management needs among the general public through educational and interpretive programs.

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More about Project Underground

Project Underground is the result of the hard work of countless educators with a passion for teaching the importance of caves including their geology, biology, and history. The curriculum began in the cave regions of Virginia, with a group of educators wanting to teach the importance of the cave resources for which they cared deeply. The Richmond Area Speleological Society, Cave Conservancy of the Virginias, National Speleological Society, and National Speleological Foundation were all supporters of the curriculum when it was first introduced in 1996. It has seen various editions with updated materials and activities throughout the years.

In 2019, Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. was selected by the Project Underground organization to carry on the exceptional tradition of cave education upon the retirement of National Coordinator and Managing Editor Carol Zokaites. It has  since been updated to a fifth edition to include national science standards.


Upcoming Workshops

Project Underground activity books are distributed through attending a professional development workshop taught by a Project Underground facilitator. Most Project Underground curriculum materials (printed or electronic) are only available by participating in a professional development workshop.

Upcomin Worksops
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