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EE Certification

In Kentucky, Environmental Educator Certification is offered through the state agency, the Kentucky Environmental Education Council. The state certification program is known as the Professional Environmental Educator Certification Course (PEEC). Learn about certification in Kentucky at

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The course is for anyone interested in educating others about the environment in formal or nonformal settings. Typical course candidates might include ​staff or educators at:

  • Nonprofit environmental and educational organizations

  • State or county agencies

  • K-12 schools

  • Parks

  • Nature centers

  • Extension offices

  • Conservation districts

  • Libraries

  • Health departments

  • Zoos

Contact Wesley Bullock at for more information.

The course is accredited by the North American Association for Environmental Education. Graduates certified in Kentucky are eligible to apply for reciprocal certification in other states with accredited programs.​​

EE Certificates & Endorsements

At many universities and colleges across the Commonwealth, you will find environmental education endorsements and certificates! Click on the logo below to learn more about what each institution offers.

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