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Outdoor Learning Symposium

Building support for outdoor and environmental education in PreK-12 Kentucky classrooms

Save the date for 2024!
Registration opens March 15th 2024

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About OLS

Who Should Attend

The Outdoor Learning Symposium (OLS) is a unique event specially designed to meet the needs of PreK-12 administrators and teachers interested in exploring ways to engage students in environmental education (EE) experiences and cross-curricular outdoor learning. We encourage administrators and teachers to communicate and plan to attend the event together as a team. Don't forget... administrator and teacher teams who attend and participate are eligible to apply for a mini-grant of up to $250 for their school or district to help fund outdoor learning projects. Administrators, in this case, are defined as principals, assistant principals, department team leaders, PD directors, leaders at the school district, etc.

What to Expect

At the OLS, you'll find sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of both teachers and administrators around ways to blend environmental education and outdoor learning into your everyday curriculum. Sessions are interactive and support research, practical integration tips, standard aligned curriculum support, and much more.


From getting a broader perspective on the benefits of learning outdoors to the practical application and local resources available to area schools, this event is sure to be inspiring and relevant to both teachers and administrators. And, teacher admin teams that attend together will have ample time to plan and brainstorm about these new ways to structure learning at their site and even be eligible to apply for mini-grants up to $250 to support outdoor learning projects at their site.

Registration & Credits

Registration for PreK-12 teachers and administrators will open in 2024. Participants who attend will receive a certificate of completion for 6 hours of professional development. EILA credits will be available for administrators.


All participants are welcome. For questions regarding access and accommodation, please contact Katherine at in advance of the event.

Want More Information?

Contact Katherine Bullock

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