The eeCredentials program is designed to provide online, easy-to-access, and ongoing professional development opportunities for environmental educators. Think of an eeCredential as a micro-credential or a certificate that can be earned by completing a series of courses, designed to increase your knowledge and skills in a certain area. eeCourses are the building blocks for earning eeCredentials.

“I loved the program! I feel so much more confident moving forward in my career with the tools provided in this program.”

-eeCredential Participant

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eeCourses are the building blocks for earning eeCredentials. Our courses are offered on a Spring, Summer, and Fall term calendar. You can register for up to 4 eeCourses in a particular term with the expectation that all work associated with those courses will be completed within a given term. The eeCredentials program and courses were designed with flexibility in mind. You can earn eeCredentials over time, whether you register for one eeCourse or four during a semester, we encourage you to build a schedule and workload that fits your life and availability.

With more in the works, we currently offer 10 eeCourses. eeCourses are intended to build key competencies in a particular subject or focus area. Each one operates asynchronously and will require a total time commitment of 10-12 hours. eeCourses include a variety of tasks and assignments that are thoughtfully designed to engage participants in active learning experiences. Each eeCourse will include a suggested timeline to encourage timely completion of assignments. At the midterm of each semester, it is expected that participants will have completed half of their registered coursework. While we want to be flexible, we also want these learning experiences to be meaningful and we think timely and periodic work in the courses will benefit participants more than trying to complete coursework at the last minute. All of our eeCourses will be moderated by 1-2 professionals in the field. Course Moderators will provide feedback and grades for all submitted assignments and they will be available to answer questions regarding tasks or assignments. eeCourses are housed and administered through a web-based learning management system, Moodle. 

​This program is meant to be flexible and meet the needs of professionals in the field of environmental education. While most courses operate asynchronously, some courses include synchronous components. Check each course syllabus for these requirements. 

Dual-credit opportunities
A partnership between KAEE and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) gives students the opportunity to earn dual credit for a combination of courses in teaching environmental education. To learn more about this option, click here.

Course Catalog

The program catalog provides the latest availability in eeCourses and eeCredentials opportunities. Refer to the catalog for an overview of each course and easy access to each syllabus. 

Participant Handbook

Explore the handbook to learn more about course requirements, the online platform, schedules, assessment, and more.



Review dates for enrollment, orientation, and more for the upcoming spring, summer, and fall eeCredential and eeCourses terms.