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By choosing to support KAEE, you help us achieve our mission to increase environmental knowledge and community engagement in Kentucky through the power of environmental education. Your support allows us to train educators, increase community involvement, and, most importantly, ensure environmental education is taught in all Kentucky classrooms.


There are many ways to give. Become a recurring donor, create a planned giving path, donate when you shop at Kroger or on Amazon, become a member, or explore other ways to give below. We're grateful for your support in any form.  


Environmental stewardship is everybody’s responsibility.  Environmental education is, by far, the most effective means that society has for confronting its environmental future.  It is the most potent force for shaping the world of tomorrow. Environmental education builds a knowledgeable and skilled citizenry and promotes a balanced analysis of social, economic, and ecological needs.  

We all know the demands being placed on our local and global environment, as well as the demands being placed on our formal and non-formal education systems.  We can no longer afford to treat environmental education as optional. Across the globe, problems caused by climate change, pollution, and resource depletion are increasingly acute.  This, in turn, creates a growing demand on KAEE to ensure that we provide a lifelong learning experience about our environment, to ensure that all citizens have access to quality environmental education, and to do our part in developing adaptable, smart and sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

You can help have a lasting impact on our environment through planned giving. Planned giving is a way for you to provide donations to a charity in a manner that is tax preferred to you and your estate. What sets planned giving apart from a regular charitable contribution is that the actual contribution occurs in the future. Charities are facing a great decline in the amount of government funding available for the worthy causes that need to be supported. By planning in advance how you will support us, we can, in turn, plan ahead for the future.

A bequest is any gift of an asset made through a will. A common strategy is simply naming the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education as a beneficiary of either a specific dollar amount or a fraction of the residual portion of your estate. The benefit to you is that the full dollar amount donated qualifies as a charitable donation, which can be used to offset the taxes on your estate. 

We would like to thank you in advance for your interest in helping to support environmental education. With dedicated donors such as you we can all make a difference and help ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn about the world around them and experience quality environmental education.  

​In order to find out more about planned giving and how you can help, please call KAEE Executive Director Ashley Hoffman at 270.214.0587.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” 
​-Native American Proverb-


Dr. Terry Wilson, a founding member of KAEE and beloved EE champion in Kentucky and way beyond, introduced KAEE's new Legacy Fund at the 2019 annual meeting. Wilson spoke of his background in EE and his dedication to its mission, and jumpstarted the Legacy Fund with a $5,000 gift.

This quasi-endowment fund was established to help secure the future of KAEE and to fund special projects that are separate from the organization’s day to day expenses. The fund now has more than $20,000. 

Your donation to the Legacy Fund will sustain KAEE and allow us to take on special projects designed to capture some of the magic we have created over the past 46 years.


Join the Legacy Society by contacting our Executive Director, Ashley Hoffman, at


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