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KAEE Member Feature: David Logsdon

Valuing Community Connections to Nature in Eastern Kentucky

This month we feature a brand new member and environmental educator from the eastern part of our state, David Logsdon. David is a volunteer environmental educator and naturalist with Pathfinders of Perry County, a nonprofit that believes that all people in our community deserve to comfortably access, learn from, enjoy, and benefit from a robust outdoor recreation system. Check out the Pathfinders of Perry County website and social, and keep reading to get to know more about this energetic naturalist who is keen on connecting his community with the natural world.

KAEE: Can you tell us a little more about your work in the field of EE and what particularly inspires you?

David: I have spent most of my life outdoors as a Boy Scout youth member, adult leader, educator, and self-described nature nerd. During my time outdoors I have acquired a diverse knowledge of the natural world. That knowledge, paired with training I've received through the UK Master Naturalist program and completion of the NAI Certified Interpretive Guide course has provided me tools necessary to communicate my passion for nature to the citizens of our county and region.

KAEE: What goals do you have for your organization or programs within the EE field?

David: Currently, I'm designing an interpretive program utilizing existing trails in Perry County Park. The program will be a self-guided hike highlighting natural history features of our region while also informing guests of the historical and planned future land use by residents of Perry County. This project is one that I'm particularly invested in, as I feel that the people of our region are in a position to form a new identity as it relates to their connection to our land.

Perry County, like most of the counties in our region, is investing in a future economy that relies heavily on adventure tourism and outdoor recreation. I believe that by teaching about the natural history of our area in the context of the intimate relationship that our residents have always shared with the land, current residents will see the value of future plans for our land and the need for responsible implementation of those plans.

Pathfinders of Perry County is working to increase our presence in local schools. We are building relationships with educators to position ourselves as a valuable asset and resource to them in the classroom. We also believe that by investing in students, we are ensuring that this generation will be better equipped to make environmentally sound decisions for their community and the world.

KAEE: What is an area you feel you could use support in from this network of fellow educators?

David: I'm extremely excited to be involved with KAEE and its members. I look forward to learning from other members' experiences implementing EE programs in partnership with schools and aligning those programs with state core curriculum standards.

KAEE: What is something you feel could be beneficial to share with this network?

David: Although I still have much to learn about the field of EE, I bring an abundance of energy and passion to the table. Additionally, I offer experience gained through more than two decades spent serving youth in several capacities.

KAEE: Share a fun fact or random tidbit about yourself with the group!

David: Like most people involved in EE and natural history, I have an ever-expanding library of field guides and reference books. But, I have amassed an even more impressive collection of cookbooks. I currently own nearly 300 books highlighting cuisine from all over the world. Some of the ones in my collection are more than a century old.

Preferred pronouns: He/Him


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