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Explore Your KGS Resources!

From available funding for your action projects to community partners in your area, this page is your go to spot for resources and support. And of course reach out to us if we can assist in connecting you with any of these opportunities! 

Community Partners

KGS Community Partners

Connect with your local resources! Kentucky Green School (KGS) community partners are sites that are committed to offering support, resources, and experiences to our network of Kentucky Green Schools. Click on the map to find partners near you to help students successfully complete investigations, implement projects, or even to plan a field trip!

Kids in Vegetable Farm

The Investigations

Themed investigations help guide students through examining their school grounds and school’s energy use, waste and recycling, water consumption, and overall environmental quality. Learn more >>>



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School Environment

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School Site

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Waste & Recycling

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This program is free to participate in thanks to our generous program sponsors.

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