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KAEE’s Outdoor Education Reception at the Capitol

On February 27th, KAEE hosted its first reception at the State Capitol in Frankfort, KY, organized in partnership with the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL). The event brought together approximately 30-50 attendees, including members from various organizations and institutions dedicated to environmental education and conservation.

Among the attendees were members of the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE), including representatives from Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest, Centre College, Louisville Nature Center, Woodford County Conservation District, Canoe Kentucky, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, ORSANCO, Red Oaks Forest School, Community Montessori School in Lexington, and Thrive Forest School.

The event provided an opportunity for attendees to meet with key legislators, including House Representatives Jared Bauman, Robert Duvall, Derek Lewis, Beverly Chester-Burton, Al Gentry, Nima Kulkarni, Josie Raymond, and Senator Donald Douglas. Notably, KAEE worked in partnership with Representative Josie Raymond to introduce House Bill 423 aimed at addressing nature preschool licensing.

Representative Nima Kulkarni played a pivotal role in coordinating the event, demonstrating her dedication to environmental education and facilitating valuable connections between legislators and advocates. Several legislators expressed enthusiasm for the event, with one referring to it as "the highlight of his month."

Looking ahead, there are plans to make this event an annual occurrence, with discussions already underway for February 2025. This event served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration between environmental educators and legislators, furthering the cause of environmental education and conservation in Kentucky.

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