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KAEE Member Feature: Red Oaks Forest School

American children spend 35% less time playing outside freely than their parents did.¹ Organizations that promote getting kids outside are needed now more than ever. One of those organizations is KAEE Green Leaf member, Red Oaks Forest School. Find out more about their mission and what they offer.

What is the mission or vision of your organization?

Our mission is to foster a deep and lasting connection to nature and community through exploration, education, and play.

How does your organization connect to the mission of KAEE?

Our mission supports KAEE‘s work by offering nature-based education throughout central and eastern Kentucky for traditional and nontraditional learners with a nature-immersive approach. We offer financial aid and scholarships to remove barriers to participation, and we are working hard to provide a pipeline of nature-based education from preschool through high school in our service areas.

Are there any special opportunities or events you would like to share?

Zugunruhe 2024! Our spring campaign to connect people to nature and community will kick off on March 19th and run through May 19th of 2024. We promote local nonprofit nature-based events, as well as our own events, to help connect people to nature and community and support nature-based education for all in Kentucky.

If someone is interested in learning more about your organization, who should they contact?

You can visit our website to discover more about Red Oaks.


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