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10 Questions with New Board Member Rhonda Lamb

Get to know new KAEE Board Member Rhonda Lamb!

1. What is your current position? Four Rivers Basin Coordinator for Jackson Purchase Resource Conservation and Development Foundation

2. How long have you been working in EE? I have been working in EE for about five years, teaching in schools and working field day events.

3. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Probably a wild mustang

4. What is your favorite place to visit in Kentucky? Cumberland Gap

5. Who would you most like to swap places with for a day? I'm good with just me!

6. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Bewitched-I would have extra help!!!

7. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Purple

8. What is one hobby you’d love to get into? I currently do genealogy, and I would love to "dig deeper"

9. What are you looking forward to this fall? For once, I'm looking forward to cooler temps

10. What most excites you about being a KAEE board member? Meeting new people and learning about environmental education


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