Action Teams

​Join one of the following Action Teams to help us build a stronger EE future for Kentucky!

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)
Co-Chairs: Jackie Gallimore and Maddy Heredia
Goal area: Bringing people together to create a stronger and more inclusive movement

Advancing Environmental Literacy
Chair: Vivian Bowles
Goal area: Driving excellence in environmental education by promoting professional development and best practices in environmental education 

Building Our Audience
Chair: Jennifer Beach
Goal area: Build public support for and investment in environmental education through outreach and publicity

Organizational Effectiveness
Chair: Jason Beyer
Goal area: Creating a thriving organization with the people, capacity, and resources necessary to succeed

Financial Resiliency
Chair: Whitney Wurzel
Goal area: Increase and sustain the financial health of the organization

Chair: Dan Pascucci
Focus area: Planning KAEE's annual conference

For more information or to join an action team, email