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Bourbon Rain Barrel Auction Supports KAEE

Now is your chance to bid and win an authentic Maker's Mark Bourbon Barrel that has been thoughtfully and purposely converted into a rain barrel. Once used to age bourbon, this white oak barrel has been repurposed into a rain barrel by KAEE Board Member Jason Nally at Maker's Mark. The barrelhead remains intact, therefore providing flexibility in installing the rain barrel and configuring it to any downspout.

The barrels have been donated by Maker's Mark and we are so grateful for their support and the opportunity to raise funds for the field of environmental education in Kentucky.

For this fundraiser, we will be using a sealed-bid style auction. We have 10 bourbon rain barrels available. Minimum bid for each barrel is $75. Bidders may submit one bid using this form. Submitting more than one bid indicates bids for more than one barrel. Bidders will not be able to see the amounts submitted by others. In this style of auction, it is suggested that bidders submit the highest price they'd be willing to pay for an individual barrel. If you want more than one barrel, submit more than one bid. The top 10 bidders will be the winners! KAEE staff will view the bids on closing day and announce the winners thereafter.


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