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Focusing on the core idea that all children deserve quality time outdoors, the Youth Outdoor Policy Partnership has just launched a Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook, available online, to help legislators, community leaders, and all other interested parties advance youth-centered state policies for outdoor education and engagement. The Playbook highlights existing and promising policy solutions, provides a platform for sharing and advancing new ideas, and connects cross-sector leaders working on statewide policy initiatives. With funding from the Pisces Foundation and REI, the Youth Outdoor Policy Partnership developed the Playbook with collective expertise and resources from the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Children & Nature Network, the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL). These partners shared their knowledge of existing policies as well as emerging initiatives that connect kids to the outdoors, environmental education, and nature-based learning opportunities. The Playbook is guided by a Policy Framework that outlines shared values, key principles, and innovative statewide policy strategies for increasing youth outdoor engagement. Here, readers will find inspirational case studies—such as the Maryland Green Schools Act and Oregon’s Outdoor School for All—supporting research, a bill library, and more. In addition, the Playbook includes a comprehensive collection of research supporting the countless benefits of spending time outdoors, including the ways it promotes good health, supports children’s happiness, boosts learning and academic achievement, and helps children learn to care for the environment. Explore the complete contents of the Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook here. ​


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