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Host Your Own eeOpenSpace!

KAEE is excited to announce a new summer eeOpenSpace program—one that YOU can make your own! The program allows our members and wider audience to host their own virtual Open Space or round table conversation around a topic of their choosing. What sparks your interest most these days? What would you like to chat about with others in our community? What ways would you like to connect during this unprecedented time? If you're looking for a couple of ideas, we’re happy to offer a few:

  • Social: coffee hour, trivia, group outdoor activity (ex: group evening moth-watching, live outdoor scavenger hunt), happy hours, bingo

  • Topic-specific: fundraising/sustaining operations, citizen/community science, equity and inclusion (including how to engage those without internet access!), summer camp alternatives, volunteers, social media/online communications, ideas for families to engage in local nature, educator self-care

We anticipate that these calls are likely to truly be engaging conversations, not formal presentations. If you’d like to lead a session, please do! We’ll be here to help you set up the time, online space, and more. ​Ready to get started? Email with your idea for a topic or activity, a few times and dates that would work best for you, and any other details you’d like to share. And, of course, let us know if you have any questions!


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