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KAEE is piloting a new program to work directly with school districts to offer professional learning experiences to its teachers. These learning experiences will focus on Kentucky Academic Standards for Science for the district’s teachers at multiple grade levels with little to no cost to the district. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to work more closely with Kentucky school districts to plan and provide professional learning opportunities for classroom teachers. It will be a privilege to work alongside teachers and district leaders to tailor these experiences from the ground up to meet the needs of teachers across the state,” says Education Director Brittany Wray. ​ KAEE will host three sets of experiences for up to 15 teachers, one for each grade band (Elementary, Middle, and High). Depending on the level of interest, districts/schools may be placed on a waiting list for participation in this project. Participating teachers will receive training in three award winning environmental education programs: Project Learning Tree, Project WET, and Project WILD. Traditionally, training in these programs is offered as a one-day, in person, 6 hour workshop. However, the timing and delivery of the workshops can be flexible and tailored to fit the needs of the district or grade band. These trainings are easily adapted to a virtual setting and could be offered in a series of after school virtual sessions. The trainings could also take place during the week or as a Saturday workshop. We will work with the district and teachers to develop the specifics of the training. Menu of Options>> Along with the professional learning experience, teachers will receive three activity and curriculum guides from the following programs: Project Learning Tree, Project WET, and Project WILD. Each of these curriculum programs include correlations to the Next Generation Science Standards and three-dimensions of science learning. ​Additional resources available to teachers who are trained in these programs include KAEE’s eeUnits. eeUnits are units of study based on NGSS including activities from each of these award winning curriculum guides. To learn more about the potential structure for the training and correlations available, visit the links below.

NGSS Correlations: PLT, WET, WILD | Sample Workshop Agendas

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