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KAEE Member Feature: Alice Hilton

KAEE recently welcomed new member Alice Hilton! Alice is part of Lexington's Public Information and Engagement team housed within the city's Department of Environmental Quality & Public Works. Her team works to preserve, protect, and enhance the city's environment by educating the public about the need and benefits of creating a healthy and sustainable quality of life for our community.

In the far right picture above, Alice is leading a public outreach activity to educate kids about the importance of maintaining healthy sanitary sewers with a fun activity - turning toilet paper into truly flushable wipes!

Learn how to make your own "TP Spray" as a replacement for flushable wipes (Did you know flushable wipes aren't really flushable?!). Scroll down or click to find ALICE'S SUPER TP SPRAY RECIPE and keep reading to learn more about Alice!

1). Where do you work and what is your current role?

I serve as the Community Outreach Liaison for the Public Information and Engagement team in Lexington’s Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works.

2). What projects or programs are you working on that particularly inspire you?

Our team is currently building partnerships with community centers, libraries, and other community-based groups to provide youth programming, with a focus on developing and supporting place-based learning initiatives and environmental career exploration.

3). What goals do you have for your organization or programs within the EE field?

I look forward to continuing to work towards programming that is deeply embedded in and responsive to community needs, as well as striving to be inclusive of and accessible to all the different people and groups in Lexington.

4). What is an area you feel you could use support in from this network of fellow educators?

I always need support in pushing myself in how to think about and engage with active antiracism, equity, and inclusion efforts in the field of environmental education and beyond.

5). What is something you feel could be beneficial to share with this network?

I’m sure many have already seen it, but I found Angela Park’sCentering Equity in EE’s COVID Response webinar to be extremely helpful in asking challenging questions and demanding both self- and organizational-level reflection.

6). Share one fun fact or random tidbit about you would you like to share with the group!

Our household is getting three ducklings in mid-March! If anyone has tips on raising ducks, I’d love to hear them.


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