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Natasha Parsons has single handedly brought environmental education to Garrard Middle School (GMS).

​“Ms. Parsons has a way of making environmental education fun for every student whether they have grown up on a farm or if they’ve never lived in a home with a yard. Her students speak so highly of her and will even come in voluntarily to work in the school's greenhouse. She is the hidden gem of Garrard Middle School,” said Jessica Atallah.

Over a difficult year of pandemic policy and reduced in-person interaction and vital experiential education opportunities, Natasha Parsons, Garrard Middle School 8th Grade Science Teacher, provided unique, collaborative efforts for her students.

During the school year, she created and delivered authentic lessons and operated a working greenhouse. Parsons also facilitated discussions and hands-on lessons related to invasive species, sought out resources to provide a program for the Kentucky Reptile Zoo, and worked with the local 4-H Youth Development Agent to provide hands-on, aquatic-based programming on stream health and aquatic macroinvertebrate collection.

Parsons continues to shine in the classroom and looks forward to providing future programming and lessons for her students to see the value of multi-style learning.

Parsons, along with the five other award recipients from around the state, will be recognized at KAEE’s 45th Annual Conference during outdoor regional meet-ups and on September 23rd during the virtual conference opening.

“It is an honor to have this opportunity to share the exceptional achievements of our award winners and the work they are doing to educate and provide a better future for all Kentuckians,” said KAEE Executive Director, Ashley Hoffman.

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