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Each year the Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) publicly recognizes environmental educators, members, organizations, and partners for their valuable contributions to EENC, the North Carolina community, and to the field of environmental education.

For this year’s Outstanding Partner Award, the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEA) was selected for its role in supporting EENC through capacity building, leading to growth for EENC that would not have happened otherwise. Since 202, SEEA has been an affiliate of NAAEE and represents a partnership between eight southeastern states. SEEA supports a part time executive director, a steady stream of grant funding, and many successful regional projects. EENC has participated in all of SEEA's grant opportunities, resulting in over $18,000 in financial support in the past two years alone. These funding opportunities have helped provide regional mini-grant opportunities, provided leadership training got the EENC Board of Directors, JEDI training for EENC members supported statewide projects including a landscape analysis, and have helped support EENC's Executive Director position transitioning to full time.

Beyond grant funding, SEEA has been critical for capacity building in the EE community across the southeast, bringing a myriad of crowd-sourced and supported training to all the statewide EE associations in the region. This includes crowdfunding assistance, webinars, expert training in membership structure, technology platform sharing and training, monthly leadership team meetings and newsletter, as well as a yearly regional conference and research symposium.

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