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Take Me Outside Day 2022

Are you in to get out?

Take Me Outside is a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness and facilitating action on nature connection and outdoor learning in schools across Turtle Island (North America).

Last year, Take Me Outside Day had 8,900 educators and 400,000 learners participate in a week of events, activities and featured speakers. Please join the collective effort to extend the learning environment beyond four walls and a desk! Commit to spending one hour outside on October 19 (or sometime that week), and get access to our speakers, events and awesome prizes. Register now!

Looking for more of a challenge? Commit to a full year of outdoor learning (once a week) by also registering for the Take Me Outside for Learning Challenge. Take Me Outside will provide resources, professional development opportunities, activities, and a growing community of committed educators!

Learn more and register for free at

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