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Together We Can Do More

In today’s climate—social, political, and literal—our young people’s ability to spend meaningful time outdoors each day has never been more important. We know that our children will be tasked with solving the planet’s increasing environmental problems, and it is our duty as today’s adults to give them first the opportunity to love their natural surroundings: to watch the squirrels in their backyards, recognize the call of the cardinals in their trees, study the bees and butterflies in their gardens. The greatest gift we can give to our children is a love for the outdoors, and the greatest gift we can give to the outdoors is a generation of children who love it.

At KAEE, this duty is forever in our minds. To see through our vision of a sustainable world where environmental and social responsibility drive individual and institutional choices, we strive each day to ensure Kentucky’s children have daily opportunities to know and love their natural world—to engage in education in the environment, about the environment, for the environment. To do so, we rely on the gifts and donations from people who support environmental education and the work we are doing in the field. Donations to KAEE allow us to train educators, bolster community engagement, build collective impact, and continue our efforts in ensuring that environmental education is incorporated into all of Kentucky's classrooms.

Join us today in seeing our vision through, and help us make a true impact in our state, region, country, and world. Help us ensure that our youngest generations have the chance to explore, hike, swim, climb, paddle, camp, bike outdoors. Help us help them love the outdoors. Help us help them protect it.

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